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So I guess switching from very hot to suddenly very cool makes me have weird dreams, because I dreamed that I was cast as Loki for the Avengers reboot. The thing was, the reboot was happening a year after the original movie came out…and I don’t think they replaced anyone else because I distinctly remember having to shoot a scene with Chris Evans.

Mom keeps trying to set me up with the 30 year old teacher that she knows in her work place. Of course, she prefaces it with “It’s too bad you’re not 30 but…” I’m not sure how to react to this…

So, my Ides of March class is turning into a relate everything to Code Geass class, especially since my professor started off the class by asking, retorically, why anyone would stab their best friend to death.

My immediate mental response was because the person being stabbed wanted to create a kinder world for his little sister. 

Everything will probably go down hill from this point, but at least it will be entertaining.

Priorities, we has them.

So, I posted this picture, went to stare at it and them proceeded to stare at the sword and try to figure out what kind of sword it was. It looks like an epee, but I wasn’t too sure, so I showed the picture to someone who fences with an epee. We then proceeded to discuss what kind of sword it was based on the blade and the bell guard. We came to the conclusion that it was an epee with an improper bell guard, but that was drawn from our own experiences.

All the while, we pretty much ignored the fact that Charles and Erik were being extremely sexy.

Me: I think you need a lifeboat.
Friend: Why?

Conversations with my brother upon opening one of his presents

My brother: I wonder what British Sterling (a type of cologne) smells like?
Me: Tea. Biscuits. Scones. Imperialism. Hatred of France.